Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Gediminas Pranckevicius)

Race: Zmu-chi

Homeworld: Annor

Era: ? - present

Zhmu-chi is a fascinating example of the natural diversity of Annor. During its evolution, this small mammal gained fur, which almost flawlessly imitates feathers. The sensitive nose prolonged over time and shaped itself to the image of beaks of the longbeak birds, which are the cornerstone of Zhmu-chi's nutrition. Once the mammal senses longbeak's nest, it climbs to it with great agility. While its lower limbs are short and adapted for climbing, the upper limbs serve the supporting function. Thanks to its cunning mimikri, it easily confuses the residents of the nest. The longbeak thus sees him as his adversary and not as a predator - before it realises this grave mistake, Zhmu-chi hypnotizes him using special head movements and consumes it afterwards. Predator subsequently eats also the eggs present in the nest and also the bird's partner that will cluelessly return to the nest afterwards.

Zhmu-chi are very timid and solitary creatures. It is only possible to see them in groups during the mating season, when they are gathering in the meta-tree tops. The females then give birth in detachment and carry their young to nests of various birds, where by using hypnosis convince the new parents to throw out their own young and accept the new-born Zhmu-chi as their own. This way they ensure a safe home and sufficient nutrition for their offspring.

Several exemplars from the confiscated contraband of exotic animals from Annor ended up in the Coraabian xenoZOO Kirtoo. Thanks to unfamiliarity of the caretakerds with this species, tbe Zhmu-chi were placed in the bird exposition. It took only one Haze day for the hungering mammals to decimate population of one of the biggest Coraabian collection of Annorian longbeaks. Also the last know exemplar of Kaleian longbeak died to sate their immense appetite.