Zagrul by Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura.jpg
Zagrul is the most noticable Zomb climbing the ladder of the social hierarchy in the last century. This was caused by several unexpected and so far unexplained retirement of his rivals from the political life.
(Coraabia Artist: Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura)

Race: unliving - Zomb

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4158 Tu - present

Zagrul's ree was found un 4158 Tu by workers of the ToZanX company. The event of the awakening of the youngest coraabian Zomb strongly resonated in the unliving society, as the fixed number of Zomb makes such findings less and less likely. Zagrul demonstrated himself as an opportunist and openly criticized the state of the unliving community. This aroused interest of the consortium Those that Have. As Zagrul was stronly limited by his "young" age, he had to find his place in the ancient community by recklessly following his goals. He accepted the offer of the consortium and as their member advanced in the zomb hierarchy. He became the shady executor of the will of the Longliving, carrying out political and social extermination of undesired subjects, who had the potential to cast bad light on the zomb oligarchs.

Zagrul 's ambitions are sky-high. To succeed in the company of the ancient Zomb's, he eagerly learns their ways. He speaks strictly in the Zomb'Skaraa language and secretly practices the creaking phrasing of the ancients in their absence. Zagrul presents himself as a defender of old traditions, which strengthens his position - from which he is able to judge the others. Many an Ilokaj lost everything just for the Zagrul's despising "wrrka" (guilty).

In reality, Zagrul despises majority of the Zombs, especially madmen like Yansai. The conceit of the Zombs and their low esteem for the potential of the short-living "habba" including the lower Unliving tribes brings him to inner laughter. And thus he keeps wearing the mask of the faithful one, but schemes and builds in the shadows the foundations of a new empire ruled only by himself. Also for this reason he is open to anyone willing to serve him.

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