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Card coraabiana.png
RarityR, G
SetsCoraab, Orbitala, Basic, Collector, Centropolis
BoostersSingleton, Basic, Collector, Centropolis

ZOMBs are an advanced Unliving subtype. Zombs are one of the higher Unliving tribes that Coraab for millenia. Zombs consider themselves the ultimate Unliving, privileged beings who were destined to rule living and Unliving from the dawn of times.

Subtype features

  • As the most powerful Unliving subtype, ZOMBs have the strongest abillity effects.
  • Most of them can lower points, deboost other characters, or dump opponent's tricks.



Those who have 1.png Those who have 2.png Those who have 3.png

Bonehall 1.png Bonehall 2.png Bonehall 3.png Bonehall 4.png

ZOMB Characters