Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Kirill Nedorosol)

Race: Yglik

Homeworld: Traxol

Era: ? - present

There exists a folk saying on Traxol: Timid like an yglik. Though very simplified, it described these scary-looking, but cowardly creatures quite well. Even though they are carnivores, they seldom attack creatures that do not fit into their mouth. However, they are cannibals, as the only creature more afraid than an yglik - is another yglik. Monstrous head full of teeth is thus mostly used to scare off the other members of their own species. Who is more afraid, gets eaten. Most of the Traxolian citizens never ever met an yglik, as these animals try to stay as much away from the civilisation as possible. They can be found in remote areas, like mountains, caves or swamps. Until the expedition to the highest mount of Coraab, these creatures were never spotted anywhere outside of Traxol.

During the expedition to reach the peak of the highest mount on Coraab - Bo Mon, the adventurers found out that a huge yglik population lives over there, counting several thousands of individuals. It is believed that must have gotten there on board of some smuggler magravs transporting cargo from Traxol. This started even more daring speculation claiming that Coraab might not be the only place, where ygliks were able to spread out without anyone noticing.

Thanks to strong wings, ygliks were able of decent flight. The evolution played a bad game with them, however - in each generation, the most successful are those individuals with the most scary look and thus their heads with huge teeth grow to enormous sizes. This influenced the body balance shift forward so significantly that yglik is able to hold on in the air only for a short while. How the creature got into the extreme heights of Bo Mon, remains a mystery.