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Gwah in tertiary uatta, ree not located, 5344x code DAU, 1278x code BZA, 3x unsuccessful cycle termination. Characteristic: A tricky sadistic maniac prone to autophilia. - a citation from the internal InCorps sub-matrix, file UM-7546B
(Coraabia Artist: Brown Jenkins)

Raca: unliving - Zomb

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 175 Tu - present

Yansai, titled "Lord of the End" by his followers, is an ancient and powerful Zomb of the Gwah house, whose active unliving outside of ree easily surpasses the admirable age of 1700 Tu. First mentions about him can be traced deep into the mining era - the turbulent time of the beginning of the miners' supremacy over Coraab. Yansai was repeatedly pushed inside his ree, but every single time he re-emerged much stronger than ever before. The old Zomb gained influence in the elite circle of his brethren and as The Longliving he substituted those, who had to more often dwindle to get through the long periods of inactivity. The circles of fate led him to the consortium Those, who Have, where Yansai accepted the house name of Zaan. Here he joined Valigursai in his fight against Zaan Warrchar. For a time, he even managed to steal his ree, which is the greatest form of embarrassment for any Zomb.

Gwah had to plan long ahead and his intrigues slowly but surely fell into place. He eagerly collected even the smallest chip from under the Zaans' table. But as the time goes by, trading and hoarding of property ceased to satisfy him. Yansai started middling in the ancient min-logs and generously donated to the unliving genome research. This became one of the reasons of his degrading expulsion from the consortium in 4011 Tu.

Yansai is fascinated by his longevity and by the many causes of death. He steadily focuses on "research" on the living beings, which he kills with various methods and thoroughly documents. He illegally put to death thousands of beings across the centuries. However, since he is able to disguise any traces of his involvement, the authorities fail to prove him guilty in any of the cases. Yansai himself is full of confidence and is convinced that his uatta will never end.