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Hochtakarr in the language Coraabish.

Xenozone is a comprehensive term for a large and still relatively unexplored region bordering Cor'Og, Ul-che, and Exozone, famous for its exotic ecosystems overflowing with various lifeforms.



Xenozone - a painting depicting the first landing of Cosmopolitan xenauts in the uncharted regions of the planet . • 1460 Tu
(Coraabia Artist: Markus Lovadina)

The Xenozone is currently connected to the rest of Coraabia through the longest artificial string - WakaX. Stringification of worlds like CuCaan or Annor brought many new opportunities, technologies, and tourists to this previously isolated region.

The most common lifeforms in the Xenozone are various ruuk breeds. Ruuks inhabit almost every local worlds with a functioning ecosystem. Ruuks are also one of the key export commodities of the Xenozone.

Ruuks are also one of the reasons why are many worlds in the Xenozone plagued by smugglers and xennohunters, although those are not the only ones behind the constant reduction in the numbers of ruuků in the region.

Xenozone is also the place to meet various xenauts, explorers looking for new worlds and areas to discover.

Worlds of the Xenozone

Stringified worlds
These worlds are located near one of the Wakian or mycoid strings.

Other civilized worlds
These worlds lack a string connection but host one or more developed civilizations.

  • Grannok
  • Forneek
  • Ymef

Xenic worlds (also called Ruu-worlds)
This term labels an inhabited world, where no indigenous lifeforms have the intellectual capacity to form a civilization.

  • Hoptar I
  • Hoptar II
  • Xao



A female djubba energetically pre-supplying its youth before a hunt. • Forneek
(Coraabia Artist: Dimitri SirenD)