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Hochta in the language Coraabish.



Xenno - a synonym for exotic inhahitants of the distant Xenozone.
(Coraabia Artist: Riyahd Cassiem)

Xenno (also Xenan, Xenoch, or Chennan) is a generic term refering to any inhabitant of the Xenozone, no matter the level of development, brain potential, or homeworld. Therefore, a xenno is an Annorn aristocrat or Khalfassan smuggler as well as the poorest, most primitive ruuk in a breeding station.

The term was created outside of the Xenozone and the local population does not use it because it is too general. Annors even treat it as a serious slur.

The term is often wrongly used interchageably with the word "xalien" (cor. kheero) which is a derogatory term for any immigrant on Coraab.


Worlds of the Xenozone

Stringified worlds
These worlds are located near one of the Wakian or mycoid strings.

Other civilized worlds
These worlds lack a string connection but host one or more developed civilizations.

  • Grannok
  • Forneek
  • Ymef

Xenic worlds (also called Ruu-worlds)
This term labels an inhabited world, where no indigenous lifeforms have the intellectual capacity to form a civilization.

  • Hoptar I
  • Hoptar II
  • Xao



Forneekian warrior from the nation Jalla-Ujj fighting a Zu-Copree enemy.
(Coraabia Artist: AlMaNeGrA)


Xenno of the genus ssagara in its natural habitat - cold methane waters in the Yu-Korrik region, Ymef.
(Coraabia Artist: Ivan Kash)