Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Carlos Cabrera)

Race: Mghor

Homeworld: WaalkWak

Era: 4139 Tu - 4241 Tu

Despite the fact, that Wronko was born on WaalkWak, he spends most of his active live in Coraabian planetary system fighting agains Redds. He was the warning voice, who was pointing out low security agains marauders on Orbital university for long time. Noone took him seriously and planetary goverment neively thought that armo Tiamar will stand to his word about peace. How this, in 4179 Tu, ended, knows now everyone on Coraab. Just promoted, forty-Tu old armo serving by exo-planetary forces C.P.F. demanded rapid retribution and appealed on InSbor for permision to counter-strike. But Hermes shut whole Wronkos strategy off and made only symbolical countermeasures, to calm down situation. This efford brough only lifetime contempt to Wronko and he spend rest of his life on Coraab military academy Bol'Karaa teaching.

Wronko (aside from official fleet structures) secretly funded atentat on armo Tiamar in time, when he visited Coraab for second time, to negotiate conditions of peace in 4184 Tu. But Tiamar was able to secure his visit so well, that his assasination was called due high risk of failure.

Sub-journal Žumpič! once said, that Wronko is monosexual and was abusing young Kops, at his time by C.P.F.. Armo was able to sue recordly high amount of trins for this scandal allegation and it led to ritual suicide seventeen members of former journal crew.