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The term We'Rd means a Flash in the Coraabish language.

We'Rd is the third planet in the Coraabian planetary system. It used to be an unimportant and forsaken world called Lokka (Memory), occasionally mined by Coraabians for various ores. All that changed with the arrival of Redds.

Nowadays, We'Rd is the central world for Reddian operations in the Coraabian systém. In 3868 Tu, they occupied it without any prior negotiation with Coraab.

The world was targeted by Coraabian military forces several times. In 3871 Tu, a handful of ban-bombs detonated over the surface of the third planet even altered its axis. This event marked the moment from which all Coraabians have been calling the planet We’Rd and only We'Rd. The artifical intelligence still lives on though, as the central Red Command is safely dug several kilometres below the rocky terrain.