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His love to Man-Fred costs the humble bael Wat-Son so much xot each Tol that he does not even have any left to enter the xenoZOO, where he likes to go when it gets colder during a Haze.
(Coraabia Artist: Jakub Hussar and Jeremy Chong)

Race: Bael

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4139 Tu - present

A faithful partner of Holmes, whose character represents the exact opposite of his tough colleague. Wat-Son has always wanted to join the Bahoofa; a traditionalistic raising of his ancestors has influenced him a lot. This bael uses primarily his ingenuity and phenomenal knowledge of Coraabian law to solve difficult situations. Thanks to those skills, he is able to pacify almost every law-demanding criminal - even after the poor soul received thrashing from the boss Skeleton, how bael obligingly calls his professionally older partner. Wat-Son is sensitive and he readily sweeps Holmes' affairs under the carpet. He will not tolerate a bad word against his job, he is pedantic, even prude and because of his reservedness sometimes even inadvertently comical.

Bael Wat-Son is in a long-term relationship with Man-Fred, an eccentric and egoistic bael who spends the poor cop's xots on branded clothing or expensive plastic surgeries. Holmes constantly keeps telling Wat-Son that he should broke up with him; the kind cop however patiently excuses all Man-Fred's escapades and misdeeds.

Wat-Son occupies a monoblock of police quarters near the sector's precinct – he lives literally a few steps from work. As a true workoholic, he works up to sixty eight hours a day which Man-Fred brazenly exploits to attend snobbish skeletal banquets behind his back. He has been threatening Wat-Son for a long time that if they do not move out of the corabit honky-tonk, he will not return home one day.