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Wak Waalk SqannnnK - member of the Soop ethnicity Unqqqa.
(Coraabia Artist: Miguel Ângelo)

Called waka in the language Coraabish.

Wak is an all-encompassing term for any citizen of the complanet WaalkWak.

There are around 2,200,000,000 Waks in Coraabia today. Apart from their homeworld, by far the most Waks live in the Cosmopolitan Worlds. Smaller Wakian communities live on Bau-Zonda, Coraab, or Khoptid.

All individuals born on Waalk or Wakk (or on any of the two artificial satellites Kywak and Qaal) automatically receive Wakian citizenship.

Anyone living on WaalkWakian territory for a substantial amount of time can receive honorary citizenship after paying a hefty fee. Because of astronomical prices of goods and real estate (WaalkWakian agriculture is basically non-existing and safe areas with stable subsoil are very rare) WaalkWak trails in population behind its main economic competitor - the giant Cosmopolitan Worlds. This handicap is however successfully compensated by Wakian perfectionism, which allows them to have very efficient economy, elite education and personal growth systems, and cutting edge scientific and technological facilities.