Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Randall MacDonald)

Race: various

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4180 Tu - present

The term vigil (stand) was brought to Coraab by Tals from their ancient homelands. It was apparently a title bestowed upon sons of important houses who were not destined to inherit the family property and who instead sacrificed themselves to a lifelong military service. Vigils formed an elite unit which was commanded - in line with the house hierarchy - by the most honorable among them, regardless of age. Yet the vigil tradition gradually vanished on Coraab. After the events in 4179 Tu, the modern Coraabian history witnessed the creation of the Vigilion unit, whose name was a paraphrase of the original vigil. New vigilions do not form an independent unit anymore, they are elite individuals serving in the strike forces of the I.C.A..

The Vigilion project was born in the minds of the Tal armos despite bitter opposition from intergalactic Hermes himself - he considered it overpriced, old-fashioned and ineffective. Later on, he learned that the presence of vigilions in several key ground missions drawn exceptional attention of traditionalistically oriented media. Vigilions thus gradually became the showcases of cheap patriotism.

The prestigious position of a vigilion guarantees privileges in accommodation, food, and equipment, which is why current vigilions part with it only with utmost unwillingness. The HQ of I.C.A. is rife with widespread forging of call-up logs, through which aging vigilions pretend to personally fulfill their frontline duties while sending their lookalikes, artificial intelligence, or bribed subordinates in their stead.