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VelDigo - half-creature, half-tree. It is said that a velDigo does not die - it "dries out". However, that does not excuse the brutal treatment these beings receive.
(Coraabia Artist: XueDuan)

Race: VelDigo

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: around 3900 Tu - present

Project VelDigo was once started by a group of financiers and bosses; by crossbreeding several Xenno battle races with cells of a Hoptaric treephore, they wanted to create fighters who could fill the training arenas for the popular bloody sport Sokurr. They figured out that velDigos (Warriors in the ancient language BaTol) would cost them only one fifth of normal fighter's price and due to their low intelligence, the velDigos could be housed in large numbers in the reproduction coops. VelDigos were merciless opponents and more than one professional fighter paid for a trivial mistake with his life while training with them. However, no velDigo ever stood in the ring during an official match - their participation in the league was banned by the association.

Because of its sheer brutality and high mortality rate, Sokurr was completely banned on Coraab after several decades. The remaining velDigos were transported to the Coraabian pseudo-forests, where they have lived till today. Eventually, these bark-laden para-xennos became a welcomed target for hunting squadrons of rich Coraabians, who favor hunting in natural territories from their anti-gravs over generic vacation.

The only public figure currently raising velDigos for illegal matches in Sokurr is the famous art lover Pentagoras. His unique pre-match routine is focused on dressing them in formless allegoric costumes with motives from Coraabian history, which arouses a mixture of laughter and ridicule from the audience.