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Unh significantly differs from the remaining Dungs, both in nature and physiology - the steel grip of his fingery proto-tentacles would strangle even a mature kategat.
(Coraabia Artist: Yu Cheng Hong)

Race: UnlivingVatter

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: Early Dump – around 335 Tu

A nowadays extinct tribe of warrior proto-Dungs was one of the provenly oldest Unliving ethnicities on Coraab. The existence of these creatures was first mentioned in the oldest copies of Ptharic min-logs. Unh Dungs were a tenacious, hardly assimilable nation. The social rank of an individual was determined by the might of his physical constitution – weak and ailing Unhs were usually eaten by their own kin. Quite interestingly, Unh Dungs warred solely among themselves. Fighting with strangers or other tribes was considered the highest form of humiliation underwent only as a matter of existential necessity. The mutual clashes between Unh settlements then resembled a religious ritual. The combat was organized as a one-on-one duel following strictly hierarchized steps. The entire genocidal process could thus last for several Tols.

For Miners, these Unliving were a tough nut to crack as most Unhs preffered to be slaughtered rather than work as forced laborers in Tal colonies. For this reason, one Mono was worth up to a dozen of Unhs on the slave market. The problem was not in their strength or skills but in their belief system – a true Unh would never bow before the living under any circumstances.

The bitter problem of Unh unconformity was eventually solved. After a mutual agreement, Tals have gathered all the Unhs and sent them to the construction of Ora, which was then being erected near the city of Mino. Unhs refused to work and continued to clash with each other in captivity. The Miners ultimately wiped them all out and threw their bodies into the depths of the Great Corabit Well.