Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: PumpkinPie)

Race: Bael

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 3155 Tu - 3501 Tu

Referred to as Ultha or Ulthao in the contemporary logs. The highest skelethor Ulthaao is considered to be the most important Bael of the modern coraabish history. It was him, who ordered the destruction of the c'orish central sektor with a ban-bomb attack, effectively ending the protracting civil war between the Miners and the unliving. Ulthaao was the prime mover of changes, which resulted into the era of the so called Fifty-year Skeletate. No matter how horrible his political decision seem, the historians agree that without a decisive entry of the Baels to the course of events, the losses on lives and unlives alike would surely have climbed into millions. It is widely accepted that Ulthaao's most important act was the definite codification of equality of the unliving with the living thanks to so called Grand coraabian declaration in 3491 Tu. Ulthaao's death marks the official end of the Fifty-year Skeletate.

Ulthaao was the last living descendant of skelethor Baanu himself, who brought Baels from the Rusty dunes into the coraabian centropolis long time ago. Ulthaao never reproduced and never participated in the ritual know an bone-splitting. He even released a new regulation, which strongly forbids all Highest skelethors from reproduction. The strange custom is being respected on Coraab to this day.

As an interesting fact - the Fifty-year Skeletate almost did not get created. It was originally intended that Baels - headed by the conservative Highest skelethor Ga-Nal would leave C'Ora for the wastes. The high ranking Zombs did however organize Ga-Nals death, which the Baels mistakenly considered as an act of the putschists. For this reason, Ulthaao - the authoritarian elite of the skeletal radicals - was brought to power.