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Tu is a basic time unit on Coraab, which is used to measure its history. It is a so-called one Year of Excavation. Tu consists of eight Tols, each with its own name. The names of individual Tols have a symbolic character related to ancient liturgy and traditions of the Unliving.

Tu is used as a name for a Year of Excavation since cca 41 Tu. Until then, the Unliving called one year by its traditional name Corr. These two time units differ in their length by only few Uns.

Tu are aggregated into so-called Guls. A Gul is basically one "Six-Year Plan of Excavation". Guls were introduced by Miners around 700 Tu. Some Unliving traditionalists have refused to recognize Guls until today.


Tu - 1 Year of Excavation | has 8 Tols


Note: Our equivalent of Tu is 56 days.