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Trin (game currency)

Trin is the game currency and also one of many rewards in Coraabia. This section is focused on how to get it and what is it for.

Earning Trin

• After each game, both players get different amount of Trin, which depends on many variables

• From Multiverse connections (trigger automatically, after certain conditions are met)

• As a reward for completing activities

• From various Grinds

Granting Trin after the game:

• Player vs. Player (PVP)

• Player vs. Bot (PVE)

• Player vs. NPC (PVE)

Trin for WINNING a game 20 10 10
Trin for each FINISHED duel 4 2 1
Trin for DRAW 10 5 5
Trin for FINISHING a game 20 10 10
Score difference 40+ 30 15 0
Score difference 20+ 20 10 0
Score difference 10+ 10 5 0

Killing spree

- +3 trin for every game won in a row (2 or more, max. +30 trin after each game) - matches with NPC bots are not awarded by killing spree

Multiverse Connections:

• As long as you own a Multiverse connection, it will trigger automatically

• Each one has its own specific requirements which has to be met. These are checked after each game and their effect is addded to the final summary (endgame table)

Btang.png Bin birri.png Golden zanx.png Zolox.png Su angi.png Hakkara.png

Reward for Activities:

• There are 5 career trees, one for each faction: Guardian, Xenno, Mercenary, Unliving, Outlaw.

• Each of them offers activities with different rewards, one of them being Trin.

• The amount of Trin differs by the difficulty level and position of activities in the tree. (top ones are easier than the bottom ones)

Use of Trin

• The only use for Trin is as a game currency for buying new cards, avatars, tricks.

• For this purpouse there are Ibort Shop and Bazaar.