Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Joebert Zaide)

Race: Unlifer

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: approximately 400 Tu - present

The marking totok would be best described as sharp, even though the direct translation of the found markings would be slicer-degenerator. The meaning stands for tribe healers of the so called unlifers. This ancient nation inhabits the vast areas of the peripheral wastes and for centuries worships the unliving as the highest form of existence. Despite being cyborgized antropomorphs, thanks to drastic procedures starting from their birth, they strive to get close to the unliving as possible. In this process, they use a variety of acids, fire and mechanical tools. These procedures are carried out by the clan totoks, whose symbol became the sharp ritual knife used for cutting off healthy tissue. To reduce the subsequent suffering, they equip their bodies with robust metal armor suits, which are supposed to protect them from the hostile elements of the coraabian atmosphere.

Even though the procedures of the unlifers might seem devastating at first, in reality they are able to get closer to the unliving not just by their looks, but also by unexpected longevity and high physical resistance. They are similar also in the aggressiveness and deceit that they use to assault intruders of their lands. At several points of time, even the Min'Ora had certain respect for their tribes.

The mysterious bio-blades of totoks were shrouded by many legends explaining their origin, but in the times when the civilization spread even to the most distant corners of Coraab, the primary source of these blades has become the stall market. Many totoks can thus proudly show off with their set of ten bio-blades for a price of three. Totoks have long ago spread among the diverse population of Coraabia and had given up their faith in the process.