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Technologically oriented Tektoniks are keen on having numerous enhancements, which often leads to their complete cyborgization.
(Coraabia Artist: Jason Walsh)

Race: most often Wak

Homeworld: WaalkWak

Era: the first Tektonik was elected in 2335 Tu

The original meaning of the title Tektonik referred to an advisor to the Wak Waalks, a caste which was in charge of WaalkWak. As time went by, Tektoniks have been gaining more and more power. Their true position has become quite unclear for many. Unlike the Waalks, there is usually just a single Tektonik leader in the office. During a wartime, however, this number increases as the need for fielding more and more sorts of military forces rises. Luckily enough, WaalkWak rarely used to go to war and so there was no need for more Tektoniks. These militaristic big shots do not enjoy a great deal of popularity among general public – too often is the office occupied by influential promilitary lobbyists. Some of their decisions, such as allowing paramilitary Kyberens to join the defense structures or resuming the production of thermonuclear weapons, were highly controversial.

An act adopted in 2405 Tu granted Tektoniks a 1% share of profits from all bimethane extracted on either of the two worlds. This money is gathered in a reserve fund to cover possible war-related expenses. Since WaalkWak has stood aside from any conflicts for centuries, the fund is getting unduly fat. If Tektoniks spent all their savings at once, the local currency would depreciate immediately.

A newly elected Tektonik Whukkk Nanq shocked the public in 4152 Tu. He suggested to disband the entire Wakian army and to entrust Liga from Cosmopolitan Worlds with the defense of the complanet. It was soon revealed that Pjaar Kanth and his lobby were behind the whole incident - their goal was to provoke an artificial war and gain lucrative public tenders on WaalkWak.