TARRU DUNGU (connection)

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Tarru dungu.png
TypeGame connection
Influence cost3, 7, 13 Influence
GradesI, II, III
AvailabilityShop (game module), VATTING
Coraabia Artist

TARRU DUNGU is a three-level suitable for decks with the majority of subtype DUNG, because it boosts all their parameters. Mosly it is used with Joobo-Habuta. Combination of allaround big stats, lot of points and Agresion or Deboost ability is one of the strongest and feared strategies in the game.

Connection tarru dungu I.png Connection tarru dungu II.png Connection tarru dungu III.png

Tooltip: Your characters of the subtype DUNG have their parameters raised by 10/30/50%