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Syusht loved non-energy weapons and nobody could match his ability in their use. He liked to surprise his adversaries with a pair of corabit curved blades, which were not used in combat for thousands of Tu.
(Coraabia Artist: PumpkinPie)

Race: Unliving - Zomb

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: approximately -10,500 Tu - -7707 Tu

The last pages of the Wattan min-log describe Syusht as a manipulative ego-maniac, agile warrior, but also a surprisingly cunning politician. The ancient ruler was historically the first Zomb to stand up as a ruler of the wigitan-ilokaj unliving states union. The historians usually name the period of his rule as so-called The Lake age of the Zombs, or in other words the period when the Zombs were superior to their more powerful Wigitan brothers. The power-balance was in Syusht's favour and allowed him to administer the Kao-Paga supreme empire. He understood that it was sufficient to manipulate the mighty Wigits to go after each other's neck, which prevented their alliance against his rule. When it was no longer possible to avoid the conflict, Syusht did not hesitate. His assassination squads, known as Yu'ngeei (The Face-eaters), always solved all these situations for him with the necessary tact.

After long years, the position of the supreme leader started to shake in its basis. Syusht always took it very personally, when any of his zomb "figures" cowardly succumbed to its ree. In -8020 Tu, he issued a bold resolution forbidding the use of ree to all Longliving in the empire. This resulted into mass exodus of hundreds of Zombs, who considered his decision as pure insanity.

The crisis broke out in the moment when Syusht proclaimed himself the direct descendant of Wat-Pagan himself during a traditional ceremonial immersion into the waters of the radioactive lake. The Wigits were so outraged by this action that the immediatelly attacked the unarmed Syusht. Their anger could not be stopped even by immediate action of the Yu'ngeei squads. The Zomb ruler was torn to pieces and his remains were sent away for a long journey into the depths of the lake.