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Contemporary caricature depicting civil war on Coraab that culminated in the Fifty Years of Skeletarchy (sub-journal Provincial Scars). • 3450 Tu.
(Coraabia Artist: Gregoire Binetruy)

Called ionnar in the language Coraabish.

Sub-journal is a term for a comprehensive media log circulated on local planetary networks or the transplanetary sub-net in regular time periods.

Sub-journals use written texts, feuilletons or strophes, supplemented with audiovisual content. Stylistic illustrations, vi-mag artpieces, or reconstruction simulations are also often used.

Sub-journals are as old as information networks as inhabitants of developed worlds always wanted to consume professionally prepared, exclusive, and scadalous information. Sub-journals have various genre specializations - serious political and economic commentaries exist side by side with the most scandalous tabloids.

Notable sub-journals:


  • Žumpič! (Coraab) - the lowest-grade tabloid owned by media consortium C.O.G.
  • Mžik! (Coraab) - another scandalizing sub-journal owned by consortium C.O.G.
  • MoZaa (Coraab) - transplanetary news
  • XotSokh (Coraab) - economic sub-journal
  • Provincial Scars (Coraab) - gossip, celebrities, social life
  • By-Ga (Coraab) - newsletter of C'Orian bureaucracy
  • MakaX (Coraab) - economic sub-journal
  • Kab'Ar (Coraab)
  • LaGAZ (Coraab) - crime news sub-journal

Other worlds

  • uWaWa (WaalkWak)
  • Maridda (Khalfass)
  • BAJJA-LIR (Bolga)