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Sol Xeta
(Coraabia Artist: Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura)

Race: Baahru

Homeworld: WaalkWak

Era: 4235 Tu - present

Xeta's life before her initiation into the Sol caste is shrouded in mystery. The only known fact is that she was brought to the caste in 4253 Tu by Sol Mon himself, who remains in contact with her to these days. Sol Xeta worked in secrecy as a production tester in the 100-son botting guild using a pseudonym Leua Ataxa. It is only thanks to her efforts that the boter guilds of the Sol caste are able to keep the pace with first-class waalkwakish boters. Xeta is extremely careful to avoid casting a shade of suspicion on herself while taking out sensitive information. She is so persuasive in her role that she got praised even by the guildmaster Kwa-Sokkk. Thanks to him she was assigned to delegation to the remote Coraab, where she helps the local kops to reveal saboteurs, who purposefully release badly programmed bots into retail.

Sol Xeta can be found in water most of the time. The sunken megalopolis' of Waalk are thus her ideal living space. Outside of the environment, she is wearing a specially adjusted breathing device with built-in glasses or contact lenses to ensure the necessary humidity. The caste engineers brought her equipment to perfection and Xeta is thus able to easily deal with the harsh conditions of the coraabian environment.

Sol Xeta had a love affair with a krunari diplomat named Yptak. After his arrest in 4263 Tu, she learned that he was in fact Kilimanh, an yttorian gun smuggler. Xeta felt betrayed and thanks to Sol Wukk managed to have all krunari diplomats expelled from WaalkWak. The obscure romance of the uncongenial pair thus paradoxically helped to deepen the tense relationship between the two worlds.