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Neleg will stop at nothing to achieve total annihilation of Mycoids - to him, it's a question of personal honor.
(Coraabia Artist: Tomáš Král)

Race: Meuga

Homeworld: Meugo

Era: 4191 Tu - present

Formerly known as Neleg Itheo-Prita. This Meugan soldier had a remarkable career. After mycosation of his homeworld in 4231 Tu, Neleg fled to WaalkWak, where he gained political asylum. He dilligently studied Mycoids and string technology and for a short time worked as a bodyguard for one of Wakian Tektoniks. After a random meeting with several Sols during a military conference, Wukk became mesmerized by the mercenary caste (and even fell in platonic love with Sol Kora). It took Neleg almost twenty years to become a Sols. He adopted a caste name Sol Wukk, which was based on WaalkWakian centropolis of Wukko, where he spent first years of his immigrant life. Today, Wukk represents Sol interests on Wakian artificial moons Kywak and Qaal.

Sol Wukk gained Sols' favor for one simple reason - he fed them secret military intel acquired during his work for Tektonik Sqquukknu. These materials mentioned that some Tektoniks have been planning to finally abolish the institute of Wak Waalk in the upcoming decades and seize absolute control of the Wakian coplanet.

After being accepted among Sols, Sol Wukk wanted to deepen his relationship with Sol Kora. They met four times but until her death, Kora has always been rejecting him. Sol rules strictly forbid establishment of partnership of any kind among the members of their own caste. Sol Wukk extremely suffered after Kora's death. The least he could do was to secretly have her only daughter kidnapped in order to save her from her despotic foster parents.