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Sol Norh - a carreerist Dung who never hesitated to subjugate everyone standing in his way.
(Coraabia Artist: Riyahd Cassiem)

Race: Unliving - probably Dung

Homeworld: probably Coraab

Era: ? - 4259 Tu

Not much is publicly known about Norh. The word is he was a Dung who handled dirty work for some powerful Min'Orian Zombs. According to Coraabian secret services logs, Norh left Coraab in 4184 Tu and left for Qu-Puo, a place where he most likely converted to Sols. Several years later, Sol Norh returned to Coraab, this time accompanied by his new accomplice Sol Feg. They contacted Don Tessar and helped him to manage his industrial empire. Tessar's opponents were mercilessly hunted down and the old Zomb was rapidly gaining power. Planetary Kops began to investigate the situation; however, they delayed any action for a long time, for they feared the vengeance of Sols. Eventually, they managed to stop Sol Norh's rampage.

Investigative nu-bloggers from the Ulli-bak group found out that Sol Norh has repeatedly intimidated Don Tessar and forced him to produce biological weapons instead of antigrav components in some of his factories. They were supposed to be used to annihilate the xenic population in the South of the planet. Not even the very Solmaster knew about this campaign until Norh's death, and he immediately denied any links to the caste.

Sol Norh was killed by Holmes in a wild shootout, who was at the time involuntarily reassigned to a desolate Coraabian Periphery, along with his colleague Wat-Son. Baels used a metamorph prostitute Lluwo as a bait; she took on the form of Don Tessar and they publicly proclaimed they have arrested the old Zomb. When Sol Norh and Sol Fego came to rescue him, they fell into a cleverly prepared trap.