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Put into operationCoraabia version 1.0
Max price9,999,999
Duration99 hours
Max items at once100



The module Shop (Iblort Shop, or simply Iblort) is a place where players can buy new cards, avatars, or connections.

The offer at Shop is regularly updated, often as a result of an event or activity.

The Shop consists of 3 parts: Iblort, Boosters, and Xottery.

Iblort[edit | edit source]

• The sub-module Iblort contains 3 types of goods:

Cards (Characters, Tricks)

Avatars (exclusive and event ones)

Connections (all game connections can be won earned in Career trees on Coraab or puchased in the Shop; some multiverse connections can be found exclusively in the Shop)

• The primary currency used in the Shop is Xot. Occasionally, some items are sold for trins.

Boosters[edit | edit source]

• The sub-module Boosters offers Booster packs.

• There are 4 types of Boosters:


SINGLETON (single pack)

COLLECTOR (booster pack)

CENTROPOLIS (booster pack)

Singleton.png Fat pack booster.png File:Collector.png File:Centropolis.png

Xottery[edit | edit source]

• The sub-module Xottery allows players to purchase Xot for their accounts in the Coraabia.

Xot can be bought in the Xotter only for real money, although it can be earned elsewhere in the game for free.

• There are 5 Xot offers to choose from.