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Race: Tal

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4220 Tu - present

Intelligent and good-looking Tia Sandera joined the Planetary kops in only recent Tu. She purposedly chosenthe outter Sector 14 for her career beginnings, as the place is known for its high standard of living and low crime rates. Sandera specializes in highway polygon operations. She has perfect knowledge of the centropolitan infrastructure and can flexibly decide which connections or directions to take for the most efficient action. Her unit uses fast Monogravs that can easily weave through vehicles during a chase even in rush hour. Kop units work closely with mobile Centro-bot units that are usually the first called to the crime scene.

Sandera's daily routine consists of chcecking graver licences, arresting Orbotos and chasing recidivists. Tia however tries anxiuously to avoid the chases. After an serious accident, that cost several of her colleagues a life, she mounts her monograv with a degree of respect and caution.

Sandera suffered an injury in the past that made her unfertile. After a long time, she and her husband decided to adopt an Ekhroan baby. Her family however deeply despises her for this. One of orthodox Miner colleagues, kop Dubh, even assaulted her over the fact. Sandera doesnt care about the outdated Miner traditions - for her, it's an thing of age long past.