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Race: Klayyga

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: 4201 Tu - present

Despite he is just an street mystic, illusionist and sharlatan, Sarkidas hails from a tribe of semi-wild Klayygan. They are naturally equipped with a relatively high intellect and progressive evolution slowly improves their capabilites, as more and more exceptionally intelligent individuals are born. Those usually leave their home territories and try to make a living in great aglomerations. Sakridas is one of them. People usually seek him out as an skilled herbalist, but from time to time, even the police forces ask for his help. Sarkidas is able to sense spiritual aura of all living beings and so can help with interrogations, revealing the true face of the suspects.

Not even Sarkidas could tame his wild inner spirit and urges. He regullary undertakes daring night stealings and robberies under the identity of an elisuve thief Dming. He seldom causes any serious damage, as he is more motivated by the thirst for adventure than the actual loot.

One of the respected outeros seeked help of shaman Sarkidas, requesting assistance on a case of thief Dmingo. Based on some low-quality photos and trace hormone trail, Sarkidas was able to provide the outero with quite a remarkably accurate description of "chubby Unliving with three fingers on his right hand, ginger beard and lazy artificial eye".