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Despite the fact that many of the history interpretation are often biased, idealised or turned upside down, the legends of Raabdwa do not manage to fully describe, how blessed the unlife under his wise rule must have been. - Padatuo
(Coraabia Artist: Max Hugo)

Race: Unliving - Wigit

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: approximately -2200 Tu - -904 Tu

The Wigitic primus Raabdwa Antha D'Waga, the unifier and ruler of the legendary Wagi'Tha, is without question one of the most important unliving in the coraabian history. This ruler, sage and ethicist created the foundation of the modern unliving society, which keeps to absorb the inspiration and leadership from his legacy to this day. He composed the basics of the minian scribe, defined and chose the first Supreme Irradiated, and assured the uniqueness of certain lower unliving. He victoriously commanded his servants through great battles, where he has proven himself both as a brilliant strategist and a capable diplomat, which allowed him assimilate the defeated tribes into his cultivated union of the unliving states known as Dwagi. When he finally decided to end his unlife, his voyage to the holy caves of Denog was accompanied by representatives of all zomb houses, Atomos, Baels and many others.

Raabdwa did not demonstrate the wish to control, he rather wanted to lead and teach. However, he did not hesitate to accept the responsibility as a ruler, if the need arose. On the cultural field, he was responsible for writing the history of the unliving and ordered the title's translation to the masses. He also pushed the higher unliving to accept responsibility and to walk the spiritual way of life. He also forced Mino to establish an effective wigitan bureau apparatus, which is in use - with few changes - to this day.

A dramatic moment occurred when Zaan Weleekai, assigned to be the first Supreme Irradiated, refused Raabdwa's wish. The duel of their wills had no witnesses, as none survived. Once Raabdwa emerged victorious from the ruins of the old Skelletate, he was followed by the burned Weleekai - peaceful and worthy of his new role. The ritual of KeSontharaa is thus the everlasting remembrance to follow Raabdwa's legacy.