RUUK (subtype)

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Card agroruuk.png
RarityC, U
SetsCoraab, Orbitala, Basic, Collector, Centropolis
BoostersSingleton, Basic, Collector, Centropolis

RUUK is a basic Xenno Subtype. Ruuks are a large group of creatures from the Xenozone. The first ruuks were discovered by Annorian tribes around 580 Tu. New breeds of these exotic, dangerous, and mostly predatory creatures are still discovered on remote worlds.

Subtype features

  • Most RUUKs have activated abilities for which they pay by dumping other RUUKs.



  • RUUKs have one connection DURUUKUR to boost their points.

Duruukur 1.png Duruukur 2.png Duruukur 3.png

RUUK characters