Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Joebert Zaide)

Race: Artificial intelligence

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: first series introduced in 4215 Tu

Botters from Coraabian guild L.O.P.P are responsible for creation of antropomorphous series Ptikk. These bots were designed to serve in I.C.A. forces and developed under strict InCorps orders - to create an elite ground combat machines able to neutralize enemy command. Lopers (as the L.O.P.P. botters are nicknamed) well succeeded. Assaulting Ptikks are able to use a variety of scanners to map the terrain in matter of few Oms and quickly and stealthily get to their destination. In combat, they mainly use quiet energy weapons. Even though usually only a third of dispatched Ptikk units returns from the mission, InCorps are highly satisfied by the series' results.

Mercenary consortium Bonnax also expressed a great interest in Ptikk bots. Eluk Bonn himself wobbled to Coraab and paid the L.O.P.P a visit with and offer to buy several bots. InCorps didn't hesitate and sold a unit of Ptikks to Bonnax for huge amount of Xot. Eluk Bonn regrets his deal to this day. Soon after their first mission - protecting a trader Magrav - not a single bot returned to Vestra.

Intergalactic Hermes himself supervised Ptikks' production. During the production, L.O.P.P workers organized a long strike, that resulted in guildmaster Spaggo's dismissal - only because the bots' design didn't strictly follow the original plans. Hermes later concluded that the guild board made a mistake and forced it to take Spaggo back. The incident however extended the production for dozens of Tu.