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One-time effect / continuous effect / condition

Both players can see the top card of given player's deck.

• The revealed card can be Dumped as usually.

• The card remains revealed until the end of the duel or until it is removed from the deck.

• One-time Prophet will not reveal another card when the revelaed card is removed from the deck.

• Prophet may be activated even if the top card is already revealed. No new cards are revealed. Prophet as a condition will take into account the top (already revealed) card.

• A special type of Prophet as a condition is the so-called faction Prophet. Faction Prophet will trigger the ability effect if the top card of the deck is of the same faction color as the faction Prophet.

• If there are no cards in the deck, Prophet as a condition cannot be satisfied.

Example: OPP Prophet

Example: Prophet Outlaw: +Champion Outlaw

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