Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Mathieu Godin)

Race: unliving - Polyhag

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: Upper Dump - present

Land transportation of Coraabian centropolis couldn't exist without it's multi-speed high-rise corridor network (polygons) that for centuries allow Coraabians and Xenos to move around quickly and effectively. Nearly noone remembers that tens of thousands Polyhags slaved at the gigantic construction sites hundreds of Tu ago and did most of the base structural work. Miners knew that Polyhags can carry extreme loads and they used hags for picking up and separating metal scrap on Dump lodes. Unliving hags can lift up even more weight as they grow older.

Only a third of original numbers of Polyhags from 500 Tu ago remain in the industry nowadays. Popular media curiosity is the first historical Polyhag representative on 318. Coraabiade. She broke the record in hurdling corabit ingots by threefold.

Polyhag is one of the few Unliving that can give birth to it's young. They are told to be able to birth up to thirty five children, 95% of them being self-fertilizing females. No one ever saw a "Polygramps", what happens to newborn males is kept mystery by the Polyhag community.