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Pala Boi - a cartoonish depiction of an eccentric scrubby Ilokaj.
(Coraabia Artist: Nicponim)

Race: UnlivingIlokaj

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: Middle Dump - present

Nicknamed The Eternal Child by Miners. Since times immemorial, a rare mutation has been accompanying the Ilokaj tribe throughout their long evolution - an individual looking like a little boy who never grows old. The Unliving normally do not undergo any childhood, they are born straight into adolescence. These children are worshipped as idols in temples, many of them are exhibited in open litter in liturgical processions or demonstrations, where they pour sacred oil on bystanders for a fee. They are not allowed to pursue any personal development or education during their monotonous life and a long stay in the confined spaces of temples combined with a lack of exercise causes further gradual degeneration and death.

The scrubby Bois were able to induce some creatures to have various forms of obsessive compulsion back in the old days, when the Ilokajish genome has not yet suffered from civilization degeneration. The poor fellow then could have scratched himself to death in a desire to itch or could have given away all his property in a manic need to pay. Ilokaji used Bois for theft and later for escapes from the Miners' colonies.

Bois suffer from a number of congenital diseases, some of which can be carried over to their surroundings with a mere touch. Miners have always pathologically loathed Pala Bois and did not want to come into contact with them under any circumstances. It is said that the mere sight of a Boi brings bad luck, which is still an ingrained superstition in the Miners' society.