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Stupidity has flat edges. - an old Miners' proverb
(Coraabia Artist: Yvan Quinet)

Race: UnlivingDung

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: Upper Dump – present

Formerly also known as Pok Dung - (Blunt Dung). In contrast to other Unliving tribes like Bogg or Unh, Pak Dungs often supplement their brutal strength with slashing and gyroscopic weapons. It is advised to keep one's distance in direct conforntation with Paks, as they easily stick out from the crowd with their ten feet of height. Given their massive constitution, they overheat and tire quickly, which makes them best for flashy actions that require a sudden burst of brutal force. Far from being the sharpest tools in the shed, Paks have trouble with learning even the most rudimentary basics of Coraabish. Luckily for them, their straightforward jobs seldom require knowledge of more than a few simple commands.

Paks are renowned for their extreme tenacity, an attribute they were bred for throughout the ages. Pak Dungs can easily withstand countless hits without flinching and not even the mightiest of blows will knock them unconscious - it is frankly easier to just outright kill them. This exceptional toughness brought them the honor of having their tribe immortalized in the name of the brutal Dung martial sport Un-Nom-Pak.

Pak Dungs hone their toughness by routinely banging their heads against any walls or pillars they encounter. The rhythmic hits induce a certain kind of trance in them and probably serve as a type of ritual communication as well. It also explains why Paks' helmets are always so flat on the top and it might be the reason why the Coraabish interjection for knocking goes pak-pak-pak.