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...Mbreggo was okay, a pro, we had some good work going on... one Light when I get out of this hellhole, I'll track them bony Bahoofas down and bust their kurnut brains out! -Pachyderm (recorded for the sub-channel CorCHA) • 4263 Tu
(Coraabia Artist: ASela)

Race: Demag

Homeworld: Pretto

Era: 4201 Tu - present

Pachyderm originally flew to Coraab for one simple reason: after he barehandedly killed a high-ranking executive of the mining consortium Thon'G during a quarrel for recovering his unpaid wage, it was about time to leave the home soil for good and avoid the inevitable death penalty. "Thickskin" quickly carved his niche as a professional assassin on the distant dumpworld. His services were in demand mostly among the foreigners, Miners and government agencies despised this "D-mag spook" and left no stone unturned during their efforts to hunt him down. The only exception was Muscleman, a gangster and owner of a xenogym chain, who formed a dangerous hitmen duo with Pachyderm. After Muscleman's death, Pachyderm was arrested and immediately put before a strict immigration court.

Pachyderm underwent a series of special procedures and basically turned himself into a half-cyborg. He had himself implanted the so called Kazzochin stemcells in his oral cavity, which allows him to smell targets several kilometers afar. His exo-silicones-strengthened skin is all but bulletproof against small arms. It was precisely this advantage that later gave birth to Pachyderm's nickname.

Immediately after the hearing before the court began, the prosecutor demanded Pachyderm's instant execution. However, a personal intervention carried out by the local Sector bureaucrath supplied an unexpected twist – the sentence was lowered to 30 years in a notorious labor camp Goa'Kach. Speculations started to run wild about Pachyderm's preemptive kidnapping of the bureaucrath's son, a smart move that was supposed to provide him with the leverage necessary for smoothing the course of the anticipated trial.