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I see no reason why there should be any women studying on jopta; their behavior patterns do not match my expectations. Moreover, their latent sexism completely distracts other students. - Beupo XII3579 Tu
(Coraabia Artist: Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura)

Race: various, most frequently Tal

Homeworld: mostly Coraab

Era: first matriculation in 3581 Tu

Throughout history, women accounted for only a fraction of the large population of Orbital University. Harsh and competitive environment only strengthened their need for emancipation and mutual cooperation. The former Coraabian society had a tendency to underestimate women as candidates for high positions in scientific circles. Several weeks of protests by students (known as the Gulic educants) in 3580 Tu resulted in the establishment of a dedicated training department OR-BI.TA with graduate degree Or Bi-III that could be obtained by women only. The department specializes in work in exospace where orbitas perform complex repairs or specifically focused research. In these days of hyperadvanced bots of Wakian generation, however, the demand for this type of work is dramatically decreasing.

Orbitas are used almost exclusively on Coraab today - their services are not needed on more advanced worlds. Critics dubbed their programme the "varnishing varsity", because its graduates often ended in large exoports as servicewomen of ship hulls. The more capable orbitas are recruited as personnel of extraplanetary Coraabish security forces.

Small group of Orbitas broke into the invading enemy ships in an effort to decommission their communication interface during the attack of Redds in 4179 Tu. They failed to disrupt their ship systems and they were quickly revealed. All members of the group died in the following skirmish. Even today this heroic act is celebrated as an exemplary demonstration of courage amongst women at the university.