Called nu'bachta in the language Coraabish.

Nu-blogger is a general term for a writer, nu-blog contributor, activist, solo journalist, investigative reporter, or indepedent political and economical correspondent publishing personal work across the stringified Coraabia via the network sub-net.

Notable nu-blogs

  • Ulli-bak (Coraab)
  • Moi Kastaan (Coraab)
  • gig0 (Agan)
  • BiZaac (CuCaan)
  • Lappa:Tan (Khalfass)
  • Pel-midig (Bau-Zonda)
  • Ir-Nuof (Qu-Puo)
  • BolShada (Bolga)

Notable nu-bloggers

  • Viridun
  • KeiDukk
  • Hyyn Temidsun
  • Cudze
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