Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Emerson Tung)

Race: Naginata

Homeworld: Annor

Era: around -50 000 Tu - present

Wearing naggi was always sign of high social status. Annors have very close relationship with the naginatas, , furs of these viviparous animals are traditionaly believed to grant great success and wealth. Naginata is very agile and timid predator living mainly in remote parts of Ka-pai continent. Rumor has it that Baian warriors imported and tamed naginatas as war-beasts, today they are hunted especially for their furs. Rapid decline of their numbers should be alarming news for the Annor society and authorities are to be blamed. Naginata hunting grounds are left unprotected, left for the poachers and private corporations to plunder. Punishment for illegaly hunting Naginatas is huge fine from Annor government and even twenty Tu of isolation.

In ancient times, some Annor houses held rituals where the chieftain's oldest son left for the Ka-pai sandwoods of Den-Biraji to bring home trophy of naginata naggi. The expeditions were extremely dangerous as they required travels through territories of Baians, mortal enemies of the Annor. Many a warrior were hunted and slaughtered by them on the mission.

Naginatas are highly intelligent monogamous animals that create strong bonds between mates, they form pairs for life. They also anxiously protect their young, as they can only have three in their lifespan. It is said that the animal might go extinct as in this century. There is estimate of 2000-3000 wild naginatas living on Annor.