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A wild moiruuk chasing rocky brukarras. This domesticated breed of ruuks is starting to become scarce in the wild.
(Coraabia Artist: David Melvin)

Race: Ruuk

Homeworld: Hoptar I

Era: ? – present

Another of common ruuk breeds in the Xennozone. Moiruuks fulfill all the criteria of quality agricultural animals - they are easily bred, provide quality fur, and their meat can be eaten after decontamination. Shortly after their discovery, top-grade Hoptarian litters were escorted to Annor and domesticated. Moiruuks soon proved to be useful as draft animals, economical means of transportation, and a unique source of substances used in medicine. Virtually every wealthy Annorian house owns numerous moiruuk herds. Some business transactions even use the so-called Moi-mo, the value of one adult male. Several indexes on the Annorian stock exchange are derived from the current price of moiruuk, which only confirms the importance of this creature for the local economy.

Moiruuks are equipped with a trio of opto-cilia coming from the back of their heads. These "eye-dotted" movable tentacles give these ruuks a perfect spherical view of their surroundings. They feed on para-mushrooms or charred plants, strictly avoiding meaty food. When in danger, a moiruuk can become a raging and unpredictable colossus.

One Annorian doge once held a race between moiruuk riders at his manor, with the grand prize being the racing animals of all the beaten competitors. A tradition has been established and every major event is now accompanied by these so-called Ennki-Kach (races of many). The prices of racing moiruuks always tend to peak before such events. They are mounted solely by lowborn Annors of lower social standing.