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Bark Monorok visited many worlds from across the multiverse during his life, but he returned to his homeworld of Mogra Troi anyways.
(Coraabia Artist: Ian Boe)

Mogha in the language Coraabish.

Mograt is a general term for a male specimen of the race Mogra.

The civilization Mogra has been succesfully developing on Agan since the end of the era of Haze cultures between -25,000 Tu and -22,000 Tu. Mograts built an ancient and unique civilization which thousands of Tu later evolved into the current superpower of Coraabia - Cosmopolitan Worlds.

Mograts are anthropomorphic sentient beings communicating in language Mogra.

Mograts have spread across the known multiverse. Their total population is estimated to hover around 19,000,000,000, the bulk of which lives on the central Agan, Kogan, and also Mogra Troi. They compose 35.5 % of the total population of the Cosmopolitan Worlds.