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Officially called troia-Danu gama-Mogra (the last vestige of nation Mogra).


Mogra Troi - centropolis Val-Mag. Agan Mograts ironically dub it the "Hamlet of Boredom".
(Coraabia Artist: Amir Salehi)

Mogra Troi is the smallest of the three central Cosmopolitan Worlds.

Mogra-Troics differ from the other inhabitants of Agan and their brothers Mograts. Despite the ostentatively proclaimed loyality of Mogra-Troic government, many separatist groups have strived for independence from Agan throughout the centuries (e.g. the separatist organization Bai'ala).


Mogra Troi was colonized by Agan Mograts already in -302 Tu. The world enjoyed centuries of prosperity as a loyal vassal of the other Cosmopolitan Worlds.

In 4231 Tu, the neighboring world Meugo suddenly succumbed to mycosation. Hundreds of thousands of Mogra-Troics died on the infested world. Mogra Troi blamed Agan for its long passivity which did nothing to prevent the tragedy. Its echoes are reflected to this day, as public surveys show that as much as 78% of Cosmopolitans on Mogra Troi do not trust the government or the Liga from Agan.

Mogra Troi itself has been in permanent danger of mycosation for the last few centuries. It is the single biggest danger locals fear.

Despite all the political disputes, a plethora of Mogra-Troics had fruitful careers in the Cosmopolitan Worlds. Among them was the law-enforcing Dogont as well as media mogul Donk Monorok.

The official language is a Mogra-Troic dialect of the Cosmopolitan language Mogra. The capital centropolis is the megapolis Val-Mag.

Mogra Troi is trying to create capacities for full economic autarchy in case of a breakdown in the interplanetary trade, but it is still completely dependent on imports of wide range of products from the other two central worlds. Agan supplies mostly consumer goods and technologies while Kogan provides food and other agricultural products.


Similarly to the central Agan, Mogra Troi is governed by the office of prefect. The current leader of Mogra Troi is prefect Bozarak.



Stylized depiction of heroic skirmish between Mogra-Troic separatists with Agan commandos Mesora-Gar. The reality was more prosaic and resembled a very one-sided massacre. • 4233 Tu
(Coraabia Artist: Marek Okoň)