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Mogra is a name for an anthropomorphic race which has inhabited the Cosmopolitan Worlds for millenia.

A male specimen is called Mograt. A women specimen is called Mograta (or Grata). The unisex plural term is Mograns.

The homeworld of Mograns is the central Cosmopolitan world Agan, where Mograns are the most numerous ethnicity. Many Mograns also live across the known multiverse, especially on Kogan, Mogra Troi, or the distant CuCaan. Their total population hovers around 19,000,000,000. Their share on the population of the Cosmopolitan Worlds is 35.5 %.

Typology of Mograns

  • Mogra-Shinui - Mogra from Shin
  • Mogra-Dan - Mogra from Agan