Misael Barbosa

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Country: Mexico

Webpage: www.misaelbarbosa.com

Bio: Born in Guadalajara Jalisco México, study as Technician in Advertising Drawing at Artes Plásticas University of Guadalajara. 3D animator, illustrator, and character designer for TV commercials nation wide. Art and character designer for the series "Poncho foot-ball goes to the final." Participation in the movie "Bajo la sal" (Under the salt), helping in the stop motion scenes, as character designer, storyboard and 3D modeling. In 2008 co-directing alongside his brother Felix Barbosa the short film "Piece of Heaven" for the competition straight 8, selected among the top 12 for screening at an alternative event at Cannes 2008, and among the top four to be broadcast on BBC London on "Three minutes wonder." Currently work as free-lance artist.