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Race: unknown

Homeworld: unknown

Era: around 4000 Tu - present

Unmapped and illegal sub-channels, string smugglers and highly organized transplanetary crime networks all meant only one thing to the Coraabian byrocracy - huge tax evasion. All this lead to funding and establishing the ImmaDOR - Coraabian customs office, residing on Iontal exoport. In 4199 Tu, the post of high customs commander is given to being publicly known only under name Mawazaan (Toll Lord). The office is well know for its strict following of duties and (nearly) absolute incorruptibility. Sub-journals speculate to this day on Mawazaan's origins - supposedly, he is member of Nu'Bael race, some even consider him to be clone or close relative of Vrzac himself.

ImmaDOR operates directly by the string exit at the edge of Coraabian system. Many a trader or upstart, after arriving to the destination, found only a byro-note with tax bill instead of his expensive goods. Many smugglers woke up in holding cells, pacified and incarcerated right after their arrival by Mawazaan's perfectly informed subordinates.

Mawazaan only accounts to one being - Hermes himself - member of powerful androgynous race Searth, same as Mawazaan. It was Hermes who, after consulting with Sooea Ttaebu military union, brought him to Coraab. The story about his Bael origins is in fact only a ruse, intended as desinformation for some opposing Sub-channels to further strengthen the influence of Bael revivalist movement Baëch.