Mango Mana

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Race: Mykomorph

Homeworld: Xao

Era: around 1990 Tu - 2304 Tu

A legendary healer, traveler and philosopher who, after arriving to Coraab, got completely mesmerized by Bael culture. He renounced the orthodox life-style of his race, renamed himself Mango (Shine) the Mannah (Free) and over the years gradually altered his visage to match his colleagues and companions. In 2039 Tu, he walked around the entire planet on foot for the first time. The journey to the old world, full of hidden beauty, captivated him. In his long and productive life, he discovered over 1300 life and unlife forms and participated on mapping the planetary Dump more than anyone else. The Mykomorph gave away all his possessions (earned for discovering many mining deposits) to poor, rightfully earning his place in Coraabian history.

Mango Mana is the author of Great Bibapion as well as many philosophical treatises and to this day respected theories. His journals (later published as collection under the name Paths of the Dump) weighthed over seven hundred kilograms - Mango fundamentally refused to use electronic logs. The two hundred part adventure collection bound in decorative covers is an valued collector's item to this day.

The name Mango Mana was few Tu ago bought by drink producing consortium, that started producing new line of high-protein cocktails under it. Coraabian Orbital university expressed unanimous disagreement over this barbarous discreditation of renowned philanthropist - consumption and sales of the drinks is strictly prohibited on university campus.