Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Taron)

Race: mythical being

Homeworld: Khalfass

Era: approximately 2300 Tu - present

"Shun your weakness, shun your regrets, only then you get to see the dawn, child of Khalfass. The night is nigh and the beasts's pale eyes will gaze deep into your heart. Make sure it does not sense your fear nor cowardice lest it tries to break your spirit all night and all day long until it hunts you down like a game. A mask covers its face - should it be removed, fear and despair would pierce your soul. Its teeth exposed herald no escape, no more words of succor. A bad dream will unravel to its bitter end. Cry as you wish, for your fear is its favorite music, your tears its sweet milk and your gloom its meal it dreams of in the darkness. Fear. Fear the moment the cold comes and cliffs over Basaap become littered with makrafans…" The Ballad of Makrafan (author unknown).

The imaginary demon makrafan is a figure of fear in the Khalfassan mythology, personifying punishment for failure and cowardice. In Basaap, makrafan is but a bogeyman for naughty children but in Khalfassan periphery, even many adults believe in its existence. It is an unwritten rule to not live directly under rock cliffs - a makrafan might descend from them right on your roof.

By studying old logs, one might out the root of the makrafan legends. The terrifying creatures did not originally come from Khalfass, they apparently belonged to a race known as Ulkryi. Ulkryis were known for their rather peculiar method of feeding. They struck their hollow outer teeth through the victims' eye sockets to easily suck out their brains. Although they eventually disappeared from the surface of Khalfass, their imagery lasts until present days.