Lin Rezzt

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Race: Or-sha

Homeworld: unknown

Era: 4205 Tu - 4281 Tu

Leader of the criminal Hakkara syndicate began his career on nearby dumpworlds. He worked on Bothra and Zels-Hemek under patronage of ToZanX concern, overseering mining and transporting operations. It was here that he met another Or-Shan named Ke Beeul. Under promise of sharing the loot, Lin recieved coordinates of delerict Dumper ship, supposedly stranded on the edge of the Hakku system. Lin Rezzt personaly traveled to Hakku and after going through many problems actually discovered giant Magrav wreck. Inside he finds undamaged Pthar artifacts of immeasurable value. Rezzt, blinded by the idea of wealth and power, murdered Ka Beeul. He also never returned to ToZanX - his path led straight to Coraab.

Lin soon found many buyers for the treasures (mostly Zombs) and gaied considerable amount of Xot. His newly earned fortune funded the creation of his prospecting company Hakku-Ba (later Hakkara). On the outside, the company explores new Dump lodes, but in reality it dumps illegal and toxic waste on the Dumpworlds.

Blinded by the wealth, Lin Rezzt became a despotic crime lord. Now he stuffs dead bodies of his rivals into the waste containers and dumps them somewhere in deep space. Lin also bribes high-ranking police officers to let his crimes "slide". Thanks to his numerous connections to the government, this Or-sha is currently virtually untouchable untouchable.