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Known as oidagaan in Coraabish.


Pjaar Kanth - notoriously despotic Liganor.
(Coraabia Artist: Regan Stidolph)

Liganor is the leader of Liga, the most prestigious position in the sphere of supraplanetary defense of Cosmopolitan worlds. Liganor stays in the office until his death - unless the Agan government decides to revoke his title for some reason. Liganor is held accountable for his policies solely to the Agan government, otherwise he is protected by a lifelong immunity. In earlier days, Liganor stood aside from the actual Ligan missions, yet after the reforms passed by Donner, he stands as equal side-by-side with his subordinates.


  • Pachdan4044 Tu - 4101 Tu • The founding father of Liga.
  • Trokafixx4101 Tu - 4112 Tu • The legendary "titanium liganor", an authoritarian obsessed with discipline.
  • Tongenton4112 Tu - 4145 Tu • A criminal shrouded in mystery who later became the highest protector of law.
  • Pjaar Kanth4145 Tu - 4202 Tu • The least popular liganor, known for his corruption scandals and overly confident demeanor.
  • Wert4198 Tu - 4202 Tu • took part in the so-called Ligan schism, assumed office through sheer necessity.
  • Donner4202 Tu - 4270 Tu • reformator of Liga, emphasized deeper cooperation between individual operational Teams.
  • Gamoa4270 Tu - present • became the leader of Liga in mere 50 Tu of age as the youngest liganor in its history.