Coraabia Wiki

(Coraabia Artist: Soren Bendt Pedersen)

Race: Unliving - Ilokaj

Homeworld: Coraab

Era: -819 Tu - -765 Tu

Warriors of the Unliving tribe Raai from the eastern edge of the Rusty Dunes led by Lao'Raai made history when they helped stopped the advancing hordes of Atomos marching on the Empire of the Circle. Zombic chronicler Gortanree later wrote about these "laraajs" that they knew no fear on the battlefield and that after they formed their trademark impenetrable wall of Unliving bodies, they could withstand onslaught of any army on Coraab. They swiftly carried out any order issued by the brilliant strategist Lao'Raai and so they could fluidly transform their defensive formation into a dangerous offensive wedge. From their homeland, laraajs brought their mysterious ways of processing Dump metals. Their traditional battle gear was a corabit armor and a ceremonial semibo, half a bol long assault pike.

Laraaj shock troops, as they were soon called, became an indispensable force in the defense of the Empire of the Circle. Laraajs were not afraid even of the feared wohraals. The secret lied in a secret substance mixed with coalox dust they smeared over their faces before battle. The recipe for this fear-reducing wonder was known only Lao'Raai who used it to cement his leadership and ensure absolute obedience among his forces.

While the end of the Empire of the Circle was drawing nearer, the power struggle for fleeting shadows of former glory proved to be eternal. Lao'Raai himself demanded a position adequate to his merits in preserving the empire and to back his cause, he broadened the ranks of laraajs. However, several new recruits proved to be hired assassins more than capable of orchestrating his demise. Leaderless, laraajs did not stand a chance in the ensuing battle and were crushed, just like the Empire of the Circle only few Tu afterwards.